Jan 30

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LED Lights and Other Products going to be covered under BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme

List of Products going to be covered under CRS Scheme-BIS (Order Passed on 7th Nov.2014)

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Power Adopters for IT Equipments
Power Adopters for Audio, Video & Similar Electronic Apparatus
UPS of rating <=5KVA
Secondary Cells / Batteries / Power Banks containing Alkaline or other non-acid Electrolytes for use in portable applications
DC or AC Supplied Electronic Control gear for LED Modules
Self-Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services
Fixed General Purpose LED Luminaires
Mobile Phones
Cash Registers
Point of Sale (POS) Terminals
Copying Machines/ Duplicators
Smart Card Readers
Mail Processing Machines / Postage Machines / Franking Machines
Passport Readers

You can contact Mr Somen (91 8510830216) at Siddhi Enterprises if you want any assistance regarding BIS registration of your products. You can also email him at info@isiddhi.in

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