Jul 25

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Electronic Manufacturing, Make in India and BIS

Make in India is the new watchword for manufacturing industry in India. Foxconn has already pledged 12000/- crores for electronics manufacturing industry.



The stage of electronic manufacturing today  is exactly at that stage where IT was around 1987-88.This is the most optimum time to enter the electronics industry.
LED Lighting is one of the emerging technology in electronics manufacturing.
I am aware of about 6 major chinese companies who are setting up JVs in housing, components in Navi Mumbai, Gujarat and Delhi.
What are you waiting for? You can start the process rightaway.In fact the present government is giving host of benefits in terms of subsidies, electronic development funds in R&D etc. Please start.
Any help in terms of plant, machinery, plant layout, costing , business d
evelopment if required please let us know.
Any enquiry regarding BIS matters are also welcome. Please understand that the process for getting certificate is taking time so apply now if not done.
I am also requesting the govt. agencies in DEITY through this mail to kindly consider the application who have already applied toBIS and are awaiting the certification number which will take its own time due to accumulation of large number of files and want of manpower at BIS office.
Wishing you all joyous festive time ahead and happy manufacturing.

Somen Chakraborty


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