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Karmasukom Group's responsibility is to continually improve the world in which we live,"Environment, Social & Economic" - creating a better tomorrow.

A never - ending commitment to provide a natural & healthy meaning to life via: Sustained Innovation, Ideas, Products & Services.
India can be considered to be the Sun’s most favored nation with 5000 TWh of Solar Insolation per year.With 300 Sunny days and more than 2000 hours of sunshine annually, India has the best solar resource potential, globally!We can help you tap this abundant potential of solar energy through our various products & services: Solar PV rooftop programs, Diesel Offset solutions, Solar Modules & BoS.

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BIS on Solar Photovoltaic Modules

Citing urgency in the need for maintaining quality of solar equipment being deployed in the country, ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) has brought forward the implementation date of a quality control order that requires sellers and manufacturers of solar photovoltaic modules to have their products registered under parameters set by the Bureau of …

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Electronic Manufacturing, Make in India and BIS

Make in India is the new watchword for manufacturing industry in India. Foxconn has already pledged 12000/- crores for electronics manufacturing industry.   The stage of electronic manufacturing today  is exactly at that stage where IT was around 1987-88.This is the most optimum time to enter the electronics industry. LED Lighting is one of the …

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