Apr 01

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BIS/CRS in LED Lights – FAQs

Q…Is BIS absolutely mandatory from 7th May onwards
Ans:- Yes

Q….Which products are made mandatory for BIS certifications
Ans:- Please see the attached format (LED Series)

Q…..Are imports also covered in BIS?
Ans:- Yes

Q….The Compulsory Registration order will be effective based on manufacturing date or import date?
Ans:-The date of manufacturing for domestically produced goods and date of landing of consignments in India for goods manufactured overseas would apply for consideration against deadlines notified.

Q….. What will happen to goods ordered and expected to come on or after the due date (on account of deferment of shipments) or in transit?

Ans:- The goods landing at Indian ports on or after the due date must comply with the requirements of Order.

Q……. Who is eligible to get Unique Registration Number – the manufacturer or importer?
Ans:- The manufacturer is eligible to apply and get unique registration number which is linked to manufacturer, location of factory, product and brand.

Q…..If being manufactured by OEM and the product is already carrying CE,UL & FCC mark or tested as per International safety standard in overseas lab or a CB testing lab – do these products have to be retested or submission of test report from OEM supplier is enough for registration.
Ans:- The BIS Rules require a valid test report (not older than 90 days) from any BIS recognised test laboratory to be submitted while applying for Compulsory Registration. The test reports issued by BIS Recognised Labs are only
accepted for Registration.

Q….If manufacture is manufacturing under multiple brands, is registration required for each brand?

Ans:- Different brands are required to be registered separately. If this is being done based on a common test report, all the brands should be listed in the test report based on sample of each brand submitted. No objection certificate /consent
letter from brand owner or alternatively copy of Agreement with brand owner is to be provided to BIS by the applicant

Q…Who is liable for testing of imported products – Importer or Foreign Manufacture?

Ans:- Once registered by the manufacturing unit, the order allows imports of registered goods by the multiple importers. The Registration is for the manufacturers (factory). Hence, it is the responsibility of manufacturer to get the products tested from BIS recognised laboratory.

Q….. What is the process of collecting product from foreign manufacturer?

Ans:- It is the responsibility of manufacturer to get the products tested from any BIS recognised laboratory. Such products will be picked up from the market or from the local representative of the foreign manufacturer during surveillance.

Q……In case plant is outside India, who will communicate with manufacturer?

Ans:- Communications are addressed to the registered entity / its authorized Indian representative.

Q…..What is the penalty provision if a manufacturer is not registered with BIS and continues selling the products in Indian market?

Ans:- The manufacturer is liable for prosecution under clauses 3(2) (deformation of products beyond use) and 4(3) (seizure of products) of Electronics and IT Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012 notified by DeitY on 03 Oct. 2012 and 2(a)(2) of amendment order dated 25 June 2013.

Q…… Who are we and what are our fees?

Ans:- We are a team of consultants specifically into LED Lighting dealing in technical and commercial activities since last 5 years. We have taken up BIS activity since last one year. We are liasoning with test labs , BIS and DEITY. We provide end to end solutions for your any type of LED issues ranging from technical , commercial development to Certification.
Please contact Mr Somen Chakraborty at info@isiddhi.in or call at 8510830216 for further details regarding process for application and our fees. For technical and commercial applications our fees will be separate. We are located in Delhi and can coordinate regarding your needs with the decision makers.

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